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Sep 3, 2011 5:30pm PDT
if you're notre dame. >> dan: michigan the notre dame opponent next week. getting the victory over western michigan. they are down to south florida, at the 30 on second and 12. murray gets across the 35 yard line. >> mike: harrison smith with the stop but a flag comes in. >> mike: i think we've got an unsportsmanlike. >> referee: after the play was over, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, number 90 on the defense. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> dan: ethan johnson. that's killer. >> mike: you want to talk about just continuing to hurt yourself, here's ethan right there. why jump on him there? he's down. i mean that's losing your composure. instead of a third down situation where you've got a chance to get the football back, they're now on your 48 yard line with a first down. >> dan: that's a senior, a guy that's played in now his 39th game here at notre dame with a penalty. how many penalties have there been on notre dame today? with that it moves the ball into notre dame territory at the 48. south florida with a first and ten. they'll keep it on the ground to murray who makes h
Sep 24, 2011 5:30pm PDT
at the straw poll. instead going to his birthplace of michigan. >> i bet you remember my dad, don't you? >> i do. >> reporter: in the wake of today's surprise, analysts say romney is clearly the frontrunner. >> not open to your average political june key. >> reporter: a wild card in the race, more washington dysfunction, even as disaster victims still struggle to recover. the agency that aids them, fema, is now caught in a partisan funding fight. unless congress can agree, funds run out at midweek with a larger governmentwide shutdown looming friday. analysts say the gridlock could be a problem for the republican party next year. >> can they take independent voters away from president obama and win the white house in the fall of 2010. >> reporter: as we said, cain didn't just win. he rolled over everyone beating his nearest competitor by 23 points. rick perry had 15%. mitt romney at 14%. it's a real head-scratcher. one interpretation we're already getting is this demonstrates the desire on the part of the gop electorate for another candidate, a third candidate besides perry and romney to get
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2